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We all know that research translation is hard and that it is difficult to find and maintain collaborative research partners (no matter where they are from). Grants are difficult to come by and industry partners seem disinterested in our work.

However, one of the ways to overcome some of these problems is to have an online presence. A presence that makes us accessible. A presence that attracts rather than one that repels. A presence that encourages our ideal partners to propose or engage with our ideal projects.

Researchers, universities and research institutes and centres have been online for years. It is well established that twitter has a large number of academic users. There is also some research to suggest tweets and tweetations are positively correlated with future citations.

However, most of these activities tend to target the expert. Content has tended to be an abridged version of the peer reviewed research, rather than a summary that could be understood by (almost) any audience. Furthermore, although researchers have taken strongly to social media such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, they are less certain about LinkedIn. Yet, this is the one tool designed and developed for business-to-business networking and therefore the best social media tool for the translation of research outcomes into everyday use.

Unlike other social media, LinkedIn has remained exclusively for business. 

There are few personal or life posts. Whereas twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and almost all others have become a mixture of personal as well as business posts and profiles. This means LinkedIn is uniquely positioned to facilitate explicit and meaningful interactions purely for the purpose of a business transaction.

So how can researchers make use of this? How can researchers make their LinkedIn profile translation ready?

In this program you will:

  • Discover why LinkedIn is so powerful to access industry
  • Explore the specific aspects of a profile to help you stand out from the crowd.
  • Create a profile that is a marketing document rather than a resume
  • Uncover the three key secrets to access industry opportunities
  • Learn what to say to reach out those who wish to collaborate with.
  • Discover how to write content that translates effectively for Industry on LinkedIn
  • Explore groups and identify the best ones that will be of use for you.

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What clients have said...

“After going through the program, I realised the role LinkedIn can play in research – not just for creating collaborations, but also for translation and even funding.”

 - Dr Claudia Meyer, Research Officer RDNS

Dr. Claudia Meyer

“Reading and reviewing posts of actual and potential industry partners help align and re-align our industry-focused research.” 

- Professor Shantha Rajaratnam, Deputy Head, Monash Institute of Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience

Prof. Shantha Rajaratnam

“If someone from a university contacts me via LinkedIn, I take notice, review their profile and reply. That’s much better than my performance on email.” 

- Stephen Tomisich, CEO Trajan Scientific and Medical

Stephen Tomisich

“Following the workshop and profile update, the impact was almost immediate” 

- Dr David GreeningDr. David Greening

In late May 2016 we delivered LinkedIn for Translation training to 10 LIMS staff – including Dr Greening. This involved helping researchers use LinkedIn for industry and external engagement. Since that time Dr Greening has been approached by at least three different organisations primarily through (if not entirely due) to his presence and recognition on LinkedIn. So far, this has resulted in an invited presentation to a closed meeting at Cedars-Sinai’s Samuel Oschin Comprehensive Cancer Institute (US). David used his existing network (incorporating LinkedIn) to then leverage the trip to the US with some other presentations including one at Harvard Medical School. 

Jane Anderson and Dr Richard Huysmans

Jane Anderson and Dr Richard Huysmans

Personal Branding and Research Translation Experts

Jane Anderson and Dr Richard Huysmans have collaborated on the Linkedin for Research Translation with a number of universities and research institutes who are achieving phenomenal results.

Dr Richard Huysmans

Research Translation Expert. Melbourne, Australia

Dr Richard Huysmans is driven by the challenge of increasing grant success, building collaboration, engaging industry and obtaining funding. His strategic approach brings universities, research facilities & businesses together to ensure research has an impact.

A published author combining academic qualifications with sector expertise & research experience, Richard is an insightful and effective professional.

Working with leaders in research and entrepreneurship that include Research Managers, Centre & Institute Directors, Deputy & Pro Vice-Chancellors of Research and Faculty Managers, recent projects have included building research teams, translating research into practice, engaging industry & establishing & reviewing research centres.

Holding a PhD in Biomedical Science, he can help increase success within:
♦ Strategy & Strategic Planning
♦ Business Planning
♦ Implementation Planning
♦ Project Management
♦ Research Support
♦ Collaborative Proposal Development

After working with him, Richard has elevated the success of universities & translated research findings into everyday use.

His recent results in research environments have included:
♦ 100% of proposals for new institutes & centres get funded
♦ 67% of grants and tenders getting funded
♦ 80% of clients return for new work

Some clients we have worked with recently are:
♦ Monash University
♦ Victorian & Federal Government Departments of Health
♦ Royal District Nursing Service
♦ University of Melbourne
♦ La Trobe University
♦ University of Sydney

Recent comments after working with him include:
“LinkedIn MasterClass on research Translation facilitated by Jane Anderson and Dr Richard Huysmans was superb. Highly recommend this to all Australian researchers" - A/Prof Matthew Perugini, La Trobe University

To find out how Richard can help email 

Jane Anderson

Linkedin Expert, Brisbane Australia.

As Australia's leading Personal Branding authority, Jane helps experts & organisations build trust-based, high-impact communication with their staff and customers. Having helped over 20,000 people she has been featured on Sky Business, The Today Show, The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, BBC, Channel 9 & Management Today.

On faculty in Thought Leaders Business School, she mentors experts to create a practice generating $500k-$1.5m with 1-2 staff.

Jane holds one of the top 1% viewed LinkedIn profiles globally & is the host of the #1 ranked "Jane Anderson Brand You Show" Podcast in iTunes. She was nominated for Telstra Business Women Awards in 2014 & 2016.

The author of 4 books, she is one of 12 LinkedIn Influencers in Australia & NZ & her blog has been voted in the top 25 branding blogs globally by Feedspot. She is also the creator of the Lead Generation Indicator, the world's first diagnostic for experts to identify marketing gaps in their practice.

♦ Women with Influence mentoring program to generate turnover $120k per year
♦ Thought Leadership mentoring program to generate turnover $500k- $1.5m
♦ Masterclasses: LinkedIn, Experts Marketing, Presentation Skills, Social Media for Experts

International Rice Research Institute, Wesfarmers, Virgin Australia, IKEA, LEGO, Mercedes-Benz, La Trobe Institute of Molecular Science, Australian Medical Association, Shell Energy, Deakin University, and Griffith Uni.

"Within four weeks of making a couple of modest tweaks, Jane Anderson’s advice led to me increasing online revenue by more than 10x! Simple, clear, direct strategies that increase impact and influence". Dr Justin Coulson, Parenting Expert

Contact Jane's office:
Call: +61 7 3841 7772

Course Includes

11 Videos

1.0 hr

Course Curriculum

01 Welcome to the LinkedIn for Research Translation Program

02 Why LinkedIn is so Valuable and How Research Funding Works

03 Your Approach to LinkedIn

04 How to Become a LinkedIn for Research Translation Ninja

05 Your Profile Build

06 How to Create Your Title

07 How to Create Your Summary

08 Employment History

10 Writing Posts

Bonus Material: Skills and Endorsements

Bonus Material: Recommendations